Me at the Serengeti

I am a self taught, award winning artist, and I work as Supervisor at Bury Art Museum, Manchester, UK. The gallery is home to The Wrigley Collection which includes works by Turner, Constable and Landseer. We also have a growing collection of intriguing contemporary works, a programme of exhibitions including artists from all corners of the world and an International Sculpture Centre.

In my time at the museum I have learnt much from my colleagues, exhibiting artists and visitors. My view towards art has evolved through my experiences at the museum, and my role includes being the resident photographer, which I enjoy enormously.

My artwork developed alongside my love of taking photographs, which resulted in my style and method; when I am out in the wild I take photographs, and when I am at home I draw from them.

I studied Geography at Manchester University and have a deep love of the natural world. I am especially fascinated by the textures of fur and feathers, the movement of animals, and the shapes this creates.

I plan images in my head, looking for patterns, shapes and textures in my photographs that I can use. Sometimes an idea comes to me the moment I take a photo but equally ideas can develop as I look through my archive of photographs.
My charcoal drawings can take a great deal of time to complete although my use of method is often quick and energetic to balance the slow and considered work. I am also able to use the time to listen to music, mostly classical, and audiobooks, mostly science and science fiction.

I am still finding new ways to use charcoal’s qualities and develop my style, and although I do enjoy working in colour, I am always drawn back to charcoal to see what else can be achieved with it.

I live in Bury, Lancashire, with my wife, three children and Daisy the dog.